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September 26, 2010

Episode 051 - Based Upon The Works Of: Edgar Allan Poe

This week we are talking about movies based on books or short stories written by the dark and brooding Edgar Allan Poe. Poe is referred to as one of the earliest American practitioners of the short story and is considered the inventor of the detective-fiction genre. His short stories were well crafted and perfect for the medium of film to adapt, over the years many different directors have taken a shot at turning Poe’s work into film. Sadly almost all of them miss the mark, so join us as we sift through the rubble and attempt to find the gems.

B Grade Movie Challenges

Steven – The Pit And The Pendulum (1991)

Matt – The Pit And The Pendulum (1961)

Music: Betty And The Werewolves - Good As Gold & Janine Wilson - Not For Real
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September 19, 2010

Episode 050 - The Good, The Bad and The Spaghetti

This week we take a journey to the high country as we saddle up and mosey on down to the local saloon, its The Good, The Bad and The Spaghetti. We are talking about Cowboys for all you who have not caught on yet, we're talking about the tobacco spitting, gun slinging, horse riding bad boys from the age old action flicks of the screen. Such great stars of their times made their name in the saddle, names like Randolph Scott, Roy Rogers, John Wayne, Charles Bronson & of course Clint Eastwood just to give you a few, so sit down by the camp fire as we tell you a story about the great west and how it was won.

B Grade Movie Challenges

Matt - Rage At Dawn (1955)

Steven - Posse (1993)

Music: Cyanide Pills - Shallow & F11 - Take Down
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September 12, 2010

Episode 049 - The B Grade Zone

This week join us in travelling to another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind, a journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination your next stop, the B Grade Zone. Yes if you haven’t guessed it yet this week we are all about the Twilight Zone, the original series that ran from 1959 to 1964. We are crossing over the line and spending a bit of time in the zone to share with you some of our favourite episodes and we have both been armed with an episode each to watch. So make sure you get on for the ride, otherwise you might just find yourself, you know where!

B Grade Movie Challenges

Steven - Season 03 Episode 05 - A Game Of Pool (1961)

Matt - Season 01 Episode 08 - Time Enough At Last (1959)

Music: Glasshouse - One Night In Your Skin & Michael Ibarra - 40 Days
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September 5, 2010

Episode 048 - Evil Children

We’ve done puppets and dolls, now we move onto their owners…. Evil little children, well for the most part they are anyways. You can have your ghosts and demons, these kids make them look second rate and it’s all because these kids bring realism with them. All you have to do is go for a walk in shopping centre on Saturday afternoon and you can witness potential psycho children in the making, I kid you not just look around next time you find yourself in one.

B Grade Movie Challenges

Matt - The Twilight Zone Movie: It's A Good Life (1983)

Steven - Mikey (1992)

Music: Backward Password Institute - Soft Woman & Comeg - Please Save My Rock And Roll
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